Ukrainian man standing next to back of the van with water bottles

Two years of war
in Ukraine

As we pass the second anniversary of the Ukraine invasion, GAiN continues to work hard to bring relief and hope to the people of Ukraine. People’s lives continue to be hard as they face the many challenges of war. Here is the story of one couple whose lives have been impacted. 

Vitaly is a resident of Toretsk in Eastern Ukraine. A 67-year-old retiree who, from the age of 17, worked extracting coal from the local mine. Already long retired, he wanted to work as a watchman, as he was still strong and in good health. But 10 years ago, his wife fell ill, and he became her carer as her mobility is restricted. Vitaly is an optimist, and he is not discouraged. 

Due to frequent artillery shelling and aerial bombardment in Toretsk, water supply in the city is often cut off and there is often no water for several weeks. Sometimes, the local authorities organise the delivery of Technical Water, which cannot be used for cooking. Every day, they have to buy water for 1-2 euros. This may seem like a small amount, but with their monthly pension of 210 euros it is significant, especially as they need to pay for medicine. 

Vitaly looks forward to the volunteers bringing water. Thanks to the help from GAiN, they receive clean filtered or bottled water twice a week. He is very grateful for the support and water supply, and he looks forward to Monday, when the next water will arrive, purchased and delivered by GAiN. 

GAiN continues to support the relief efforts in Ukraine. If you would like to respond by giving, you can go to 

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distribution of water in Ukraine
elderly woman standing next to water

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