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Someone's Life


GaiN staff throwing a sleeping mat to another GAiN staff

Give to our general funds to support the on-going work of GAiN in the UK.

In order to help those in poverty and crisis, we need funds for operations. This is not salary for our staff, instead it’s for expenses such as shipping cost for the container, rent for a warehouse where we keep all the donations and do the sorting and packing, petrol and upkeep for the van which is used for picking up donations and other administrative expenses. 

With this in place, we can help get aid donations to those in need.

Water for Life

Water flowing into hands

We dream of a world where human flourishing is restored and where water poverty is eradicated.

By 2030, our vision is to provide 10 million people with access to safe water in 10 different countries,  At the same time, We would like to see 5,000 local churches engaged as the centre for community development.

We believe it’s possible to see a world where physical, spiritual, social and economic brokenness is restored.

Your £5 will help 1 person access to clean water
£25 will help 5 people
£50 will help 10 people
£500 will help 100 people
£5,000 will help 1,000 people and will fund a complete well

Will you join us in making this dream a reality?

Refugee Relief in Greece

Child sitting in front of tent in Greece

We are working with local NGOs and volunteers on the ground to bring essential relief supplies to people living in refugee camps in Greece. The money you give will go to sending these supplies and any additional funds will supplement distributions costs, purchase supplies in country and fund future shipments of aid to refugee camps on the edge of Europe.

Bosnian Refugee Crisis

Photo credit: Elisa Oddone

With thousands of refugees living in harsh conditions in Bosnia & Herzegovina, your gifts and donations will help them have adequate clothing and equipment to survive whatever comes their way.

Give to GAiN staff

Our staff are funded through partners giving to support the time and expenses of the work that we do in GAiN UK.
Our current staff team are Frikkie Greyling (GAiN UK Director), Sarah Patel, Caitlin Lyttle, Heidi Helbig and Ellie Staton. You can give regularly or make donations as and when. The link below will direct you to the Agapé giving page for staff where you can select to find the individual staff member.

All donations are processed online through Agapé UK.

If you don’t want to give online, you can download and print this giving form with your donation and return it to the Agapé UK office.

Our address: GAiN UK, c/o Agapé UK, 167 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 1SW