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Someone's Life


Give to our general funds to support the on-going work of GAiN in the UK.

GAiN Involvement Centre

More space for a strong base – together we can reveal hope and restore lives.

Turkey Syria Quake

As a global network we are responding to the urgent needs in the aftermath of the devestating earthquakes. Your gifts will go towards sending essential relief items such as, shelter, sleeping bags, and food.

Ukraine Crisis

This Ukraine Crisis Appeal will fund the procurement, transport and distribution of physical aid to neighbouring countries where they are  receiving refugees and to Ukraine, where people who have lost everything are in need of food supplies.

Relief in Europe

We are working with our local partners in Serbia and Romania to help people in their time of need. 

Refugees in Europe

We are working with local NGOs and volunteers on the ground to bring essential relief supplies to people living in refugee camps in Europe. The money you give will go to sending these supplies and any additional funds will supplement distributions costs, purchase supplies in country and fund future shipments of aid to refugees living in Europe.

Disaster Response

Our heart is to provide relief and development support for people in emergency situations. We will direct your generous giving to wherever the need is the greatest as we respond to crises around the world. 

Water for Life

We dream of a world where human flourishing is restored and where water poverty is eradicated. We believe it’s possible to see a world where physical, spiritual, social and economic brokenness is restored.

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