Disaster Response

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It seems like there is always news of another crisis situation somewhere in the world.

Our network of offices enables GAiN to mobilise resources wherever there is a disaster through our shared distribution networks so we can respond quickly to places in need of emergency humanitarian aid. On the ground we partner with like-minded NGOs and local churches to bring an even greater and longer lasting impact to the community, enabling local volunteers to deliver aid targeted to the most needy groups.

Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART)

We are building a worldwide team of volunteers and staff who are trained to be part of a rapid response team. This team is deployed to support and work alongside the local partner in order to increase their capacity to receive and distribute goods and resources in the immediate aftermath of a crisis in their country. This means that the partners on the ground can be freed up to focus on responding without the burden of managing logistics and reporting on activities. It also allows the local volunteers to be mobilised to help and continue the work long after the DART have returned home.
You could become one of our trained DART members!
For more information, go to https://www.dartgain.eu

DART Training Opportunity

The Disaster Assistance and Response Team (DART) are taking new applications every year.

“The DART team provides assistance in the form of food and clothing distribution, shelter provision, medical advice and trauma counselling, as well as initiating long-term reconstruction and development projects.” – dartgain.eu

As always please reach out with any questions or queries by emailing us at: info@globalaidnetwork.org.uk