On the move in Morocco


On the move in Morocco

This past September, Morocco was rocked by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 2,900 people and injured approximately 5,500 others. The earthquake struck the western side of the country, damaging remote villages in the Atlas Mountains as well as parts of the historic city of Marrakech. GAiN swiftly stepped in to assess the situation and deliver aid to the affected areas, focusing primarily on the need for shelter and blankets. In collaboration with our partner on the ground, GAiN has provided 400 packages of essential items such as food and clothing, 20 large tents, 65 emergency tarps and 20 latrines. 

In the aftermath of the quake, our local partner was able to bless many families who lost their homes and loved ones in the earthquake. The team encountered a Christian named Ibrahim in a small village on the southern side of the high Atlas Mountain region. Ibrahim worked as an engineer and moved to the big city with his wife and children, but later returned with his family to his childhood village to help his father with farming.  

The village used to have 40 homes, but 80% of them are now demolished, including Ibrahim’s family home. When the earthquake struck, the house could not withstand the violent shaking and eventually collapsed. Only one room remained intact – the room where Ibrahim, his wife and five children were sleeping! Thankfully, Ibrahim received an emergency tarp from our distribution and is going to fashion it into a temporary roof next to their home. 

As our partner spent time with Ibrahim, he came to understand the vision and heart behind GAiN’s work in Morocco and proved to be an invaluable resource. He served as a local guide and lent the team his credibility as they travelled into different villages. Because of his knowledge and abilities, Ibrahim aided our local partner in their distribution of solar panels and lights. He also taught each person how to use them and ensured that the batteries were charged regularly.  

 GAiN continues to support the relief efforts in Morocco. If you would like to respond by giving, you can go to give.agape.org.uk/morocco. 

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