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Woman with bucket of water on head walking with children


Being a mother in a remote village where there is no access to clean water sources anywhere.  All that is available is a dirty stagnant stream a few hours away, being shared by livestock, to drink, to cook and to use for daily activities.  There’s no option but to go with your eldest daughter to fetch just enough water for your family everyday.

Instead of being in school, your daughter walks for hours in the blistering sun, at great risk to her safety, carrying a water jug that weighs almost as much as she does. The water that’s brought home is contaminated, with all kinds of bacteria that constantly causes illness in your family. 

Where you come from,  children in your village die every month from waterborne illnesses. Your local witch doctor promises to heal you but nothing is happening. 

This isn’t your story. This is the story of millions of women and children (especially young girls) around the world. Can you imagine this as your daily reality?

Water is essential to life. It’s a basic human necessity.  Yet, almost 1 in 8 people still don’t have access to safe water.

490 million people are currently drinking dirty, bacteria-infested water that makes them ill and robs them of their time, dignity, health, right to education, and the opportunity to live a normal life.  More than 829,000 are estimated to die each year from diarrhoea as a result of unsafe drinking-water, poor sanitation and hygiene practices. For many children, it’s a death sentence.

We can do something to help break this cycle of brokenness and help improve the lives of these women and children.

2 glasses of water, clean and dirty
Water for Life well

Since 2002, GAiN has been providing rural villages with deep capped wells, ensuring fresh, clean water for their people.  We do this by drilling 50-80 metres down, tapping onto the water supply and setting up a deep capped well.

So far, together with generous partners from all over the world, we have:

  • Provided 3,083 deep capped water wells
  • Given over 3,083,000 people access to safe water
  • Trained 250,730 people in hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Trained 37,398 people in community health
  • Helped over 173,330 people discover Jesus
  • Established 1,047 new churches

From the UK, we’re excited to have sent our first Benin LIFE trip in 2023, organised by our office in Canada. We will continue to send these trips as they give people an opportunity to experience our work first hand, learn about issues of poverty and injustice, engage with like-minded people, use your skills to make a difference, lift the current local activity, meet and encourage local partners.

You can be part of this mission to help people have safe drinking water, train locals in community health, good hygiene and sanitation practices. The team will be working closely with the local church community to support sustainability.

For more information on our next Benin LIFE trip, click here

Water, a Bridge to Community Development

Water is a foundation for human development.  Starting with safe water, it paves the way for holistic sustainable community development.

Here’s the approach of our integrated WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program.

Water Committee Training
Water committee meeting

In every village where a well is drilled, a water committee is elected from members of the village who will be responsible for the long-term care of the water source and collaborates with other teams trained by GAiN to bring continued development to the community.

Hygiene & Sanitation Training
Woman training village on hygiene

Approximately 80% of illnesses in villages are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions.  Training in simple hygiene practices such as proper handwashing or waste disposal can drastically reduce illnesses and begin healthier cultural norms for future generations.

Gender Sensitivity Training
couple smiling

In many developing countries, women are viewed as second class citizens and have fewer opportunities for education and work.  GAiN’s gender sensitivity training opens up communication between sexes, to bring mutual understanding and respect for each other.

Family Health Training

Every year in Benin, approximately 1,500 mothers die from preventable complications during pregnancy, birth or in the 6 weeks following birth, mainly caused by a lack of knowledge on hygiene practices.  Family Health Teams encourage, educate and advise families in basic health and sanitation practices.

Regional Repair Services
building deep capped well

We train individuals as Regional repair representatives who then work with the local Water Committee to keep the water well in good working condition.

Handwashing stations

Regular handwashing is perhaps one of the most effective ways to prevent waterborne diseases.  We provide a simple handwashing station, complete with soaps and skilled in-country facilitators who educate villagers on handwashing and sanitation issues.

Church Mobilisation & Multiplication

The local church community has a unique role in sustainable development,  facilitating positive social change in their spheres of influence.  They also help bring the story of God’s unconditional love through the JESUS film showings and establishing new churches.

Our dream

We dream of a world where human flourishing is restored and where water poverty is eradicated.

By 2030, our vision is to provide 10 million people with access to safe water in 10 different countries,  At the same time, we would like to see 5,000 local churches engaged as the centre for community development.

We believe it’s possible to see a world where physical, spiritual, social and economic brokenness is restored.

Will you join us in making this dream a reality?

For £5, you can give a person access to clean water