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Eymen's story

The earthquake is not to the only thing going on in peoples’ lives – before the disaster people are going through their own “normal” struggles like illnesses. Can you imagine facing a natural disaster on top of that? 

For Eymen the consequences of the earthquake were devastating. This natural disaster came at a time of great suffering; three months before the earthquake Eymen had lost his wife to cancer. 

The earthquake only added to his suffering. This father of three survived for five hours under the rubble before he was finally rescued. One of his daughters, aged 6, lost her life.  

They have now moved to his mother’s house, whose structure has not been so badly affected and remains more or less intact. His mother helps him take care of his other two children so that he can work and continue to support the family financially. His brother and nephews also live with them in the small house. In total there are about 10 people.  

The fridge and fan that Eymen and his family received has given them a chance to breathe a little and cope better with the high temperatures over the summer. We hope that it has helped to alleviate some of their suffering; that they feel that there are people who care about them and will be a small step towards feeling that there is hope again.  

GAiN continues to respond to the needs in Turkey and Syria in the aftermath of the quakes. You can help by donating today to our appeal at give.agape.org.uk/turkeysyriaquake. 

*Photos taken in July 2023 of a distribution of fridges and fans by GAiN and local partner First Hope Association 

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