You can make a difference in Nepal!

Over 4,500 people are now known to have died. As rescue teams sift through the debris and reach remote mountainous areas, the death toll is expected to rise. More than 6,500 people have been injured and dozens of people have been killed in neighbouring China and India. Thousands have lost their homes and their belongings. The real immediate concern is infrastructure, water and electricity for the survivors. Fear is widespread as the aftershocks continue, making it impossible to re-enter homes and buildings.

We have in-country partners ready to go and help.

You can make a difference by providing aid to those who have lost everything.

GAiN Worldwide is working through local partners in Kathmandu and surrounding areas to help the relief operations. Your donations can help the process. We will make sure that the money will be used for the benefit of the survivors in Nepal in the area of greatest need.

Please click here to donate online through our UK partner Agapé.

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