Nepal: Urgent Action still Needed

Our in-country partners who were already working in Nepal have been responding ever since the earthquake bringing immediate relief to those in desperate need. We have received stories of them travelling late into the night down mountainous tracks to reach those villages in remote areas. In the first two weeks alone we were able to support distribution to nearly 500 families, with a total of 2,830 people receiving help. The teams have arrived with basic supplies such as tarps and food parcels.

“We are grateful that you brought these supplies to us, these food parcels will last us now for another two months.”

“We are encouraged to receive news from our partners on the ground who have been able to reach out to those in great need,” says Sarah Patel, GAiN UK Coordinator. “We are committed to supporting them with the next phase of rehabilitation and reconstruction work, but we still need your help so that the Nepalese people know they are not forgotten.”

The UN Development Programme staff on the ground are warning now of more challenges to come; “The monsoon is just four weeks away, and will bring with it a high possibility of increased landslides, making it extremely difficult – if not impossible – to bring timely relief aid and recovery support to communities in rural areas.”

You can start by making a difference today. Your donation will mobilise relief for those in desperate need who are now facing the prospect of the monsoon season without proper shelter to protect them and help them recover.

DONATE: Please click here to donate online through our UK partner Agapé.

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