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Reaching Families
across Haiti

Haiti has had to endure back-to-back natural disasters, leaving people displaced, without food, water or shelter. The 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck on the 14th of August, and Tropical storm Grace swept the area just two days after, adding to the hardships of those already displaced.  More than 2,000 people have been reported dead, about 12,000 injured and entire villages completely destroyed.

Our partner on the ground has been hard at work distributing relief goods to families who have been affected by the earthquake.  At the end of August, they started in the southwest city of Aquin, then moving on to Les Cayes, then to Baradères and at the beginning of September to Jeremie.  As they move from one area to another, they bring food (rice, corn, beans, sugar, milk, oil, fish) and tarpaulins for shelter. These volunteers transport this aid at great risk to their own safety, as desperate people have resorted to theft. We’re thankful that the aid provided has so far reached these families safely. 

As the earthquake hit, Stanley* was in the garden, along with his wife and 3 of his children.  His youngest was still in bed and rushed out as the earthquake hit, escaping the large rock that fell on her bed.  Thankful for this miracle, he expressed his appreciation to the unexpected visit from our partner, saying “Thank you for thinking of visiting us. You are the first people to visit me and my family since the earthquake.  It means a lot to us.”  Stanley, is a farmer and father of 8 children, of whom 4 are still living with him. He and his family are looking forward to the help that will be brought to this area. 

Stanley* is one of the families we intend to continue to help. After the disaster occurred, our original aim was to help 600 families affected, but that has now increased to 2,400 families, due to the scale of families in desperate need across the country, and the ability to respond through your generosity. 

Will you help us continue to reach these families who are trying to rebuild their lives after the earthquake? 

Click here to help.

 *not his real name 

girl receiving a box of donations from distribution
food aid for Haiti
aid distribution in church

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