GAiN UK Team Oct 2020

Looking back
and highlights

As we think about the challenges we had last year with the pandemic and how we needed to change to adapt to the restrictions set by the government, we are so thankful that we were able to do so many things to help those who are in poverty and crisis in spite of the restrictions.

From sending five shipments of donated clothes and goods to different refugee and poverty stricken places in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Romania and Serbia, to the launching of our collection points, to saying goodbye to Arman and hello to Emma and Sarah, to purchasing our GAiN van for £1, to getting a second container where we can store more donations, to the launch of our new website, the list seems endless. 

We are grateful to be able to accomplish all of these with your help and support, so we thank you for being with us in our efforts to reveal hope and restore life.

Here are the highlights from the GAiN UK Team: (top photo, from left to right)

Caitlin: “My 2021 highlight with GAiN has been getting to work more with the team in person and getting to meet a lot more of you guys online 

Emma: “Mine is joining the staff team and doing my first couple of packing sessions with them.” 

Ellie: “Mine has to be our network of collection points who’ve just been amazing at getting on board with the vision and sharing that with the people around them in collecting aid for us to send.” 

Sarah: My highlight has to be coming back from maternity leave to four new team members in the team, and getting to work together with them. 

Heidi: “Mine was being able to do the website from scratch without any knowledge about websites and seeing it come alive.” 

Frikkie: “My highlight is to talk to all of you who got involved with GAiN this year. I’m very very lucky to have you all on board so thank you very much for your involvement.” 

people helping to pack donations

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