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lvie is the head medical doctor at the health centre in the village of Woria in Northern Benin. She runs a team of nurses to provide health services to the community. This team, more than anyone, knows how essential clean water is to health. 

Clinic staff used to have to ride motorcycles to purchase water from the surrounding area – a challenging, time-consuming and expensive task. This arduous process caused many difficulties, especially during emergency situations. 

In July 2018, Global Aid Network (GAiN) was able to provide Woria with a deep-capped water well, right in front of the village health centre. Its location makes it so valuable to the clinic and the community members that rely on its services. 

Health professionals at the clinic have witnessed how quick access to clean water has impacted the health of this community. They reported that cases of water-related disease have drastically decreased, and the health of the population has greatly improved. 

Not only is clean water improving health, but changes in hygiene and sanitation practices are playing a role in preventing the spread of diseases. After receiving the well, 137 people in the community attended a hygiene and sanitation training. The training is a facilitated discussion to target unhealthy practices and come up with ways to implement changes, such as proper hand washing with soap. 

Ivie and her team see how clean water can save lives and help people to thrive. 

You can read more about GAiN’s Water For Life Initiative on our website at globalaidnetwork.org.uk/water-for-life 

To sponsor a full well or give towards the cost of a well visit give.agape.org.uk/water-for-life. Get in touch if you would like to fundraise for a well with your church, business, or school. 

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