Preparing for Winter

“Two years ago when we arrived in Erbil we were so glad to find this building as it was better than being on the streets. We took shelter in this room with our five children. There was no glass in the windows, so we covered them with plastic and used blankets over the doors. The first winter was tough, with very cold temperatures and little water. Our children were crying of cold and missing their toys but we were so thankful to be alive.

The first winter came and went and then the second. We’re thankful for all the food and clothes that people give as it helps us keep alive but the third winter is coming and nothing has changed. It is hard to keep hope alive. Hard to be a parent, to educate our children and hard to see a future. We are so thankful for your visits and for your gifts; it keeps up our hope that we are not forgotten.”

Families who have fled their homes find themselves struggling through the winter months in make shift shelters. Through our partners on the ground in northern Iraq we are distributing regular food parcels to families in need as well as clothes, heaters and mattresses.

During October we are running an appeal for the following items to send to refugees. You can choose between collecting Winter Essentials or focus on Care Packs for Women.



You can be a part of collecting these items together with others you know where you live, work, pray or play.

Contact Rezi on for more information on how to get involved.

It costs £5 to send a box of relief to Iraq. You can donate via our UK partner Agapé to the GAiN Winter Appeal.