Destination Iraq: Winter Clothes & Blankets

It took over 40 volunteers three weeks to sort through and pack all the donations. We’ve been blown away by the amazing support from so many organisations, such as Birmingham Chinese Evangelical Church, who packed 70 boxes of clothes in two hours, Agape Student Life Oxford who sent 50 new blankets, and Bexleyheath Community Church, who put together an incredible 1000 care packs themselves.

Sarah Patel, GAiN UK Director, comments: “When we came across a good quality children’s winter coat it was so encouraging, knowing it is going to make a real difference for someone that really needs it”.

1.5 million Iraqi refugees are unable to return to their homes, the terror of ISIS has fragmented their lives. The situation has recently become more intense, crossfire in Mosul has forced many more to flee. They live in makeshift shelters which do not keep out the bitter cold at this time of year. “Our children were crying with cold”, one refugee says, “It is hard to keep hope alive”.

But, the work we’ve achieved has created real change for these people. As Sarah explains: “It’s just the right time to be sending this relief; warm clothing, blankets, hygiene packs is exactly what these families are going to need. This will make a real difference, not just in a practical way, but because they know people have been thinking about them and care for them”. Every piece of clothing, every blanket, every care pack we can give is another piece of love shared with those who need it most.

We want to thank every single person who contributed to this project, it couldn’t have happened without you. Let’s build on this success, and continue helping with heart and hand.

We are continuing to raise funds for the current crisis in Iraq, especially for those people fleeing from Mosul. If you would like to make a donation please visit the giving page for the Iraq Appeal hosted by our partner organization Agapé UK.

By Philippa Stevens, currently studying theology and volunteering with GAiN.