One community to another: Birmingham UK to Erbil Iraq

At GAiN we partner with local communities in this country, to make sure that people living in these camps can have hope for their future by meeting their needs today. The children in these camps need educational supplies to help assist our ‘on the ground’ partners in giving them some form of education in the camps. Because of this, GAiN has been and still is collecting notebooks, colouring books, pens, pencils, and other stationery and toys to send to these children.

There are various ways I got my university involved in supporting this important project: the first thing I did was approach the Head of my subject who agreed to help me collect and publicize for donations of clothing and stationery. I was so encouraged to see people from my classes understanding why these children needed help and responding through their donations. Some of my classmates even gave up their free time to help me sort and pack through the mass of donations, my heroes!

I then arranged a raffle with lots of treats to raise funds, as people who were otherwise unaware of the project came over to find out more, I had the chance to share about the work of GAiN. People really began to engage with the project, so I arranged an open-mic night at the university where people could come and socialise in the name of a greater cause. This was great to see people coming together over the issue and supporting the charity.

All of these examples show what an amazing force for good a community can be when one person shares their passion with others and encourages them to be passionate about it too. So, if you’re passionate about making a difference to see that no child in this world goes without an education or a chance to play, please encourage your community to collect and donate to GAiN’s appeals. Our current appeal is Winter Clothes & Blankets, click here to find out more.

By Philippa Stevens

Philippa is a Theology Student and volunteers with GAiN UK. She is passionate about helping those in need.