Helping gypsy children in Romania

“The Romania project 2017 was an extremely rewarding experience. Being able to once again get involved with the Roma community and actively engage them in a positive manner was personally enriching.

Frank, who is permanently involved with the work in Romania, is such a great role model. His work ethic and ability to stay positive even in difficult situations made the whole experience so enjoyable. Although it is difficult to see the circumstances in which the Roma people are living, it is still amazing to see the amount of progress that has been made over the past seven years.

The team experience was also very satisfying and helped build character. Everyone pitched in with their unique abilities and personality to provide the best work for the community. The atmosphere was great and full of enthusiasm, even on towards the end of the project when tiredness set in.

All in all it was an amazing time and one I would recommend as well as repeat in the future.”

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