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Our logistics manager, Ellie Staton, recently spoke to one of our volunteers in Birmingham. Suzan first heard about GAiN when her neighbours organised a packing session on the green right in front of their house. Since then, she has got more involved with GAiN through having a collection point in her own home and she regularly comes to help pack boxes of aid ready to send overseas. We are so thankful for our amazing volunteers like Suzan who use their time and talents for others. When Ellie caught up with her at the warehouse, Suzan shared a bit about her experience with GAiN.

“In my time volunteering with GAiN, I have been able to meet some amazing people. You also feel directly involved with the aid operation. It’s as if you know the people who will receive the donations at the other end. Last November I went to pack at the GAiN containers which was very cold and damp after being there a while. We spent quite some time there sorting donations, but you can’t really sit down or have a break as there is limited space with all the boxes and donations piled up. Coming to the warehouse is much better, although still quite basic. At least it’s dry and there is space for a sit down and to have a cuppa!”


In March 2021 we were blessed by a local business, Cordia Blackswan, gifting us some temporary warehouse space so that we could more effectively respond to the crisis in Ukraine. Since then, we have been able to empty out our overflowing storage containers, pack and send all the aid that was inside and collect even more. For the first time we’ve been able to host big groups of volunteers in our warehouse. We are now able to open the space up on a regular basis for groups and individuals to come along (go to for more details). 

However, we are ever growing, and we want to rent our own warehouse of 5,000 sq feet giving us more space for a strong base. This will be our GAiN Involvement Centre, a place where volunteers, like Suzan, can come and spend time as we work together to reveal hope and restore lives. 

Will you join with us in praying for this space and the funds we need to get it? Check out for more information. 

packing boxes

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