In Search of a Place to Call Home

Since the beginning of the terror in Syria that began in March 2011, Global Aid Network has been responding by bringing relief to families who have fled their homes in search of relative safety.Through the ongoing work of GAiN and their local partners, we can begin to see the difference that bringing help and hope to families over these long months can make. For those families who have managed to make it across the borders life is by no means straight forward. The local laws prevent refugees from taking jobs that would otherwise by filled by nationals so many struggle to provide basic necessities for their children.

One such father, Abu Jusef, was visited by a local partner who shared food, clothes and other items for him and his family. In the midst of this his wife was expecting another child but her medical condition threated her pregnancy and her own life. Since the private hospital treatment was well out of their reach Abu was left not knowing what to do. The visits to bring basic supplies continued but Abu was too afraid to share his more personal needs. Over time, he began to build a trust that allowed him to voice his struggles and we were able to arrange for them to get treatment at a free government hospital. They are now delighted to have a healthy baby boy.

The local team were able to follow-up with bringing nappies, shoes and clothing for the baby. While they were there Abu Jusef asked them to share a blessing over his son. Building trust with people who have experienced conflict from those they previously trusted takes time and patience. It also required consistent unconditional kindness through practical aid and a listening heart.

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