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Before Global Aid Network (GAiN) provided a deep-capped water well to Kpakpalakpenou, Togo, the children and young people fetched water from a nearby open well for their families. 

This water was dirty and caused a lot of sickness within the village. Children who were sick, naturally, missed more school. Fetching water from unreliable and far away sources in the morning often caused them to arrive at school late and unprepared.  

Now, children can fetch accessible and safe water from a deep-capped well, which GAiN provided on 18th December 2018, from right within their own village.  

Not only is clean water now easier to get to, but a total of 201 people from the village, including 140 children, attended a GAiN-led hygiene and sanitation training where they learned basic hygiene practices and the importance of sanitation. 

Two months after the well was provided, working together with local churches GAiN put on two showings of a film telling the story of Jesus for people in the village. Over the course of two nights, over 700 people heard the life transforming message about Jesus for the first time, and 68 people choose to find out more about the Christian faith for themselves. Since then, sixteen people have continued to come together to learn more about their new faith. 

Emmanuela is one of the youths from Kpakpalakpenou who has been directly impacted by the water program. She attends a high school around one km away and now easily accesses clean water, helping her attend school on time. 

Emmanuela wants to become a doctor one day so she can help others and save lives. Having access to clean water helps bring her one step closer to achieving this dream.  

You can read more about GAiN’s Water For Life Initiative on our website at

To sponsor a full well or give towards the cost of a well visit Get in touch if you would like to fundraise for a well with your church, business, or school.

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