Motivation for Life in South Africa

This project started when Lizelle Pieterse (with GAiN South Africa) had a heart to mobilise people within South Africa to respond to the pockets of poverty on their door step. This desire has now grown into a vision to give children who are living on the margins and would otherwise have been forgotten, a fighting chance at life.
‘Motivation for Life’ is a crèche set up by a mum who grew up in one of the disadvantaged areas outside the city and saw the impact that starting behind in school had upon her and others in her community. Her vision is to provide pre-school care for children, so they get the best possible start in life.

One of the challenges they face are the divisions between the different communities in the area. This flows down into the friendships that children make. At ‘Motivation for Life’ they desire to bring in children from the different areas so that when they move into classes at school together they have already begun to break down the barriers built up by misunderstanding.

In the past year GAiN South Africa has supported the upgrading of the toilets as well as a trip to the city zoo for the children. GAiN Netherlands have also just sent a team out to South Africa to support this brilliant project.

Lizelle shares, “Our involvement with Motivation for Life and these kids is about much more than improving the facilitates or organising fun outings. We come alongside this organisation to help them develop, empower and serve them, and motivate them as they provide a vital service to these kids and their community. Together we can help to break the restrictions brought on by poverty and lack of basic services. Together we help create a better future for these children—of whom some are vulnerable, abused, neglected or orphans—always remembering that our children of today will be our leaders of tomorrow. Every little or large thing that we do for them, helps build a better future for all of us.”