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Join Our Team…

Do you have skills in project management and operations? Are you interested in finance or communications? Do you have skills in managing social media? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, and you are based in Birmingham, then GAiN UK needs you!

In the UK, GAiN operates as the humanitarian branch of Agapé UK and all our recruitment to staff and intern roles are processed through our shared HR team. In line with the Christian faith basis of our work, all those who join us in our staff team and intern roles are asked to share that as their own personal faith and sign-up to our statement of faith.

We are working to involve students, professionals and families in finding ways to respond with humility and generosity to the broken and hurting world we live in.We need more people to join us to work together towards this goal.

There are three ways you could get involved:

1. If this vision has grabbed your attention, and you want to become part of the work full-time, you may be interested in joining GAiN as a staff member. See below for more details on the roles we are currently looking for or click here to download our recruitment information.

2. If you are a recent graduate, you could join our internship programme, being trained and equipped for whichever path you choose in life through active involvement in GAiN projects and other Agapé UK movements.

3. If you are unable to commit full-time, but would still like to be involved, then you could volunteer with GAiN in an operational capacity, overseeing project management, finance or communications. This could be either short-term or long-term. Click here to find out more about the ways you can give your time.

Your role could be coordinating much-needed projects to a particular country, informing GAiN donors and partners of the vital work that their support is enabling, or providing efficient reporting and management of finances associated with specific projects. What you contribute on an operational level would be an essential part of demonstrating unconditional love to suffering people across the world.

Join our staff team

We are currently looking for staff to join us full or part-time to work with our central GAiN team based in Birmingham in the following roles. Perhaps you have a passion to use your gifts to serve in this way or you know someone who does?

Like many other Christian charities, Agapé staff members raise funds to cover their own salary and expenses. With plenty of training and help, staff members develop a team of people who regularly pray for them, encourage them, and give financially towards their work. While this can seem daunting, for over 50 years God has provided for hundreds of UK staff in this way.

For more information on how to apply please email

Logistics Coordinator: The collection of Gifts in Kind (GIK) is a key strategy for GAiN in seeking to bring a very practical demonstration of help to people facing crisis and poverty. This role is suitable for someone who loves to be hands on, is highly organised and able to relate well to people whether it’s a business who wants to make a donation or with volunteers who are giving their time to help sort and pack the items ready to send.

Overseas Trips Coordinator: Our opportunities to go overseas with GAiN project teams is a significant way for someone to give their time and skills as well as be impacted themselves as they go to serve. This role requires great people skills and is for someone who is organisationally sharp to ensure a smooth running of our teams right from the planning stages through to returning home and evaluations.

Communications Officer: Involving people is the heartbeat of GAiN and expressing our key messages to volunteers, donors, businesses and churches is essential to inviting people to be part of the network. Taking responsibility for our regular online and printed communications will see this role develop a strategic approach to our overall communications.

Operations Manager: to serve as the operational anchor of GAiN UK, managing and overseeing projects, programmes and partnerships. This person will bring their skills and experience to give leadership to the growth and structure of GAiN UK over the next 5 years.

Donor Relations: Building strong relationships with those who are giving is essential for there to be a meaningful connection to those whose lives are being impacted. This role will see that priority developed and maintained through investing time with those who give financially and seek to better understand what motivates them to give.

We provide on-the-job skills training and theological courses for all of our staff. If you want to know more about the roles available please get in contact with us to discuss the routes and options available to apply, we’d love to hear from you! Please email to enquire or apply.

GAiN Internship – Starting in Sept 2021

If you are soon to graduate or are a recent graduate, you could join our internship programme, being trained and equipped for whichever path you go onto choose in life. An internship would allow you to be part of the GAiN team as well as receiving training and experience in a local ministry team. All interns receive personalised training in sharing and growing in their faith and have the opportunity to go on an international summer project.

If you would like to know more about any of these opportunities please email