Filled with Thanks

Most of these refugees haven’t been able to find work since they left their homes around 18 months ago. Even though the immediate crisis may not seem so near they are still dependent on the aid that they receive and without it they find themselves having to beg for help on the street. This tent community has become something of its own village although they are still without a school for the children.

One man tells of how he came to Ebril 1 and a half years ago.

“We had a wonderful family living together in Syria, my wife and I were blessed with four children. Before we could up and leave the conflict claimed the life of my wife and two of our children. I took my other two children and fled away from our home town. It was a very sad time for us.

“I left my children with my sister in Syria and I came here. Now I am living here alone in this unfinished house, dependent on the distribution of aid to live and eat.”

It is clear that the need continues for these families to know that they can depend on the support and care of others, even from so far away. We are grateful to the generous support for this appeal that made it possible to bring these supplies where they are needed most.